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Things I Love Thursday: It’s Getting Better

7 Apr

Benson Days Dancing

This week has been pretty good, even if I’ve spent most of it in an exhausted state due to testing children for good chunks of the (very early) day.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on Netflix Instant and it will forever be one of my favorite shows.  I’ve been watching episodes while I eat and do crafty things.
  • I’ve got a schedule down to make my final weeks of school easier.  I read an article or two a day and take notes. Once I’m done with the reading, I’ll have a week to write my paper.  I will not leave it to the last minute like I’ve done before.
  • My boss Seth photoshopped a picture of Jonas’ head onto some pregnant celebrity’s body and was laughing about hearing me laugh from in my office.
  • I’ve been really productive with meetings and things like that, even if they didn’t go quite according to plan.  I have to meet with the Criminology department now.
  • There is the possibility that I will get a research assistantship (and a subsequent tuition waiver) to work on the stats for the tattoo project at work.  I love stats (and tuition waivers)!
  • Hoard recently came out on Steam and I love it.  It runs beautifully on my not-top-of-the-line laptop and I have tons of fun with it.  I have yet to master it though. (Buy it and play with me!  I’m on Steam as noidisdead.)
  • Homemade whipped cream is a million billion times better than store bought.  And it’s easy.
  • Speaking of cooking, I found out that I know more about cooking than someone!  And to think that around 5 years ago, I was setting water on fire trying to boil it.  (Though that doesn’t stop me from finding new cooking nemeses.  This week’s nemesis is baking soda.)
  • I just got my new swimsuit in the mail and I love it!  It shipped quick too.
  • I’m also waiting on a new awesome t-shirt from Shirt.W00t.
  • Tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s the last day of early morning testing for two weeks!  Hooray!
  • And finally, it’s only 35 more days until I get to see my awesome boyfriend again.

Things I Love Thursday: Short List

31 Mar

I’ve been pretty down (on myself and everything else, really) this week, so this list might be a little short.

  • I only had to test children for one hour this week.
  • I didn’t have class on Wednesday.
  • I got to help my boss John by using the printing press to print a lot of invitations.
  • I’m going to a mixer tomorrow with one of my lab mates.  Free food and cheap drinks.  Yay.
  • Only 4 weeks until the end of school.

Things I Love Thursday: It’s almost April!

24 Mar
  • It’s almost April.  That means it’s almost the end of the semester, it’s almost my birthday, and it’s almost May.
  • Feeling really good about the last test I took.  It’s caused a rather abrupt change in my mood.
  • Realizing I’m going to get a lot of days off school because the teachers are so far ahead in their intended material.
  • Finding a lot of new recipes to try, even if I’m not particularly good at cooking.  They promise to be easy!
  • I got some frames at the thrift store to frame some of the copier art I completed at the workshop.  My room is gradually looking more and more like an actual living space.  I’m sure it’ll finally be homey the week I move out.
  • I didn’t have to go to the school to test children today!  And I only have to test children for two hours tomorrow!  AND there’s a forced break in testing during April, so it’ll be all sorts of lovely.
  • There’s a new episode of Community tonight!