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A Torrential Downpour

3 Apr

I was caught in a torrential downpour last Monday as I was walking home from school.  The umbrella did not help any, but I continued to hold the damn thing up.  I was mostly soaked when I arrived home.  As I was walking, though, I noticed something interesting from the cars passing by:  They slowed down when they saw me.  They slowed down and they tried to avoid the giant puddles in the street.

Which was the exact opposite of what happened during a storm in Peoria, IL.  I remember walking home with Adam from a movie night on campus.  It had been raining, but mostly stopped by the time we left.  We were passing by a large puddle (there were many in Peoria as the drainage was exceptionally bad).  I heard a car approaching us from behind.  I dropped the umbrella to my side, towards the road, in an attempt to block the oncoming splash.  I realized only a split second before the splash that the umbrella would not block the water there.  The water kicked up over the umbrella and down onto my head anyway.

The windows were rolled up, but I’m sure that bastard was laughing.