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Wednesday Cavalcade: Mostly Nerdy Things

20 Apr
  • I’m thrilled that Amazon has made a deal with libraries, so that we can borrow Kindle books.  Very thrilled, even though I still need to read through the 20-some books I have collected over the past month.
  • The Euthanasia Coaster seems like… uh, a fun way to go?  If you like rollercoasters.  I imagine people who don’t like rollercoasters won’t be as happy.

Before Anyone Else Misunderstands

12 Apr

I wanted to write a disclaimer to the story I told about testing, before anyone else misunderstands my intentions.

That story was not intended as a “Haha, transpeople are weird” story.  That story was intended as a “That kid is so silly for thinking that’s the worst thing about pregnancy” story.

Gender and sex are often confused terms.  Sex is your biology and what your genes say about you.  Gender is the more social construct.  It is how you feel.  It is not always clear cut and there are not always two genders/sexes.

Some people feel that they were assigned the wrong gender at birth, and this could have come around in a variety of ways.  It is not an evil thing.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s not a ha-ha thing.  It’s just a thing.  If the individual feels that they would feel happier or more comfortable as another gender, then they should change.  I don’t necessarily mean that they all need a sex change operation or hormones, because, believe it or not, those can be difficult to come by.  Some individuals may feel they have changed enough simply by acting as the other sex.  If it makes them happy, why not?  They are not any more deviant than someone who feels comfortable in their assigned gender.

No one gender is ultimately better than the other.  They may have certain differences due to their genetics, including brain chemistry and make up, but this does not make one gender better than another, and anyone who says differently is a dipshit.  At the same time, anyone who says the genders are exactly the same and that the only differences are from the neck down are simply misinformed.  Again, I want to stress that no one gender is ultimately better than the other.

And one final note: It’s insulting to say that no girl wants to grow up to be a man, or that no one cares that the little girl wants to grow up to be a man.  We ask all children the same questions.  The only thing we change are the pronouns.

The Only Reason to Not Be a Woman (and to Not Get Pregnant)

9 Apr

Part of the survey we administer to 4th through 7th graders involves asking the student about their gender identity.  There is a boys form and a girls form.  On the boys form, there is a question that essentially asks, “Would you prefer to grow up to be a woman?” (Edit: The girls are asked, “Would you prefer to grow up to be a man?”)

Most of the time, the kids squint at it, then move on.  One boy looked up at me.  “No boy wants to be a woman.  Know why?”

“…Why?” I asked him after a moment’s hesitation.

“Because then you’ll get pregnant and your back will hurt.”

Edit 2: I wrote a disclaimer for this and any similar future posts.  To summarize, this is a “That kid is so silly for thinking that’s the worst thing about pregnancy” post.  It is not making fun of anything else.