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I Learned How To Crochet!

15 Apr

I’ve admired amigurumi for several years now and I finally decided to pick up the hooks and learn how to crochet myself.  I started out with a very simple pattern for an octopus.  (The pattern says it is from Knit 1 Magazine, but I can no longer find the pattern online, and I ended up ignoring the pattern after a while.)  I would have finished it within a two-movie span (I measure a project by how many movies it takes for me to complete it), but I got bored with a single chain of crochet, so I waited a couple days to finish it.

Octopus crochet

I’m very proud of my little dude, even if he is a little awkwardly lopsided, his legs are uneven, and you can kind of see stuffing here and there.

I plan on making a lot more amigurumi, especially as presents.  Crocheting goes a lot faster for me than knitting, so people might actually get their presents on time.  (I promised a blanket for Jon a long time ago.  I finally finished square 13 out of 25!)  For now, I’ve got a couple toys and dice bags on the list of things to make, but I should probably wait until I finishing traveling to acquire more yarn.