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Music Monday: C.W. McCall’s Convoy

25 Apr

Most people will be going, “Huh?”  The people in the know will be going, “Hell yeah.”

(And frustratingly, I can’t find a version I want that I’m also able to embed.)


Music Monday: Flogging Molly’s Punch Drunk Grinning Soul

18 Apr

Music Monday: Weezer’s Troublemaker

11 Apr

Music Monday: Moneybrother’s Born Under a Bad Sign

4 Apr

I saw Moneybrother as one of the opening acts at the Flogging Molly concert.  They had (and still do) such an 80’s vibe, it made for a rather surreal experience.

Music Mondays: Bishop Allen’s Things Are What You Make of Them

28 Mar

Music Mondays: Flogging Molly’s Float

21 Mar

This is music to get us through our respective Mondays.

Flogging Molly is appropriate for every situation.