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Wednesday Cavalcade: Mostly Nerdy Things

20 Apr
  • I’m thrilled that Amazon has made a deal with libraries, so that we can borrow Kindle books.  Very thrilled, even though I still need to read through the 20-some books I have collected over the past month.
  • The Euthanasia Coaster seems like… uh, a fun way to go?  If you like rollercoasters.  I imagine people who don’t like rollercoasters won’t be as happy.

Wednesday Cavalcade: Just One Thing.

6 Apr

I sort of had a list going, but then I came across this:

And that’s the only thing I need to post.

Wednesday Cavalcade: A Little Geeky, Some Cute

30 Mar

Wednesday Cavalcade: First Round

23 Mar

Rainbow Pudding Cups from Must Have Cute