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Things I Love Thursday: It’s almost April!

24 Mar
  • It’s almost April.  That means it’s almost the end of the semester, it’s almost my birthday, and it’s almost May.
  • Feeling really good about the last test I took.  It’s caused a rather abrupt change in my mood.
  • Realizing I’m going to get a lot of days off school because the teachers are so far ahead in their intended material.
  • Finding a lot of new recipes to try, even if I’m not particularly good at cooking.  They promise to be easy!
  • I got some frames at the thrift store to frame some of the copier art I completed at the workshop.  My room is gradually looking more and more like an actual living space.  I’m sure it’ll finally be homey the week I move out.
  • I didn’t have to go to the school to test children today!  And I only have to test children for two hours tomorrow!  AND there’s a forced break in testing during April, so it’ll be all sorts of lovely.
  • There’s a new episode of Community tonight!