Music Monday: Weezer’s Troublemaker

11 Apr


The Only Reason to Not Be a Woman (and to Not Get Pregnant)

9 Apr

Part of the survey we administer to 4th through 7th graders involves asking the student about their gender identity.  There is a boys form and a girls form.  On the boys form, there is a question that essentially asks, “Would you prefer to grow up to be a woman?” (Edit: The girls are asked, “Would you prefer to grow up to be a man?”)

Most of the time, the kids squint at it, then move on.  One boy looked up at me.  “No boy wants to be a woman.  Know why?”

“…Why?” I asked him after a moment’s hesitation.

“Because then you’ll get pregnant and your back will hurt.”

Edit 2: I wrote a disclaimer for this and any similar future posts.  To summarize, this is a “That kid is so silly for thinking that’s the worst thing about pregnancy” post.  It is not making fun of anything else.

Things I Love Thursday: It’s Getting Better

7 Apr

Benson Days Dancing

This week has been pretty good, even if I’ve spent most of it in an exhausted state due to testing children for good chunks of the (very early) day.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on Netflix Instant and it will forever be one of my favorite shows.  I’ve been watching episodes while I eat and do crafty things.
  • I’ve got a schedule down to make my final weeks of school easier.  I read an article or two a day and take notes. Once I’m done with the reading, I’ll have a week to write my paper.  I will not leave it to the last minute like I’ve done before.
  • My boss Seth photoshopped a picture of Jonas’ head onto some pregnant celebrity’s body and was laughing about hearing me laugh from in my office.
  • I’ve been really productive with meetings and things like that, even if they didn’t go quite according to plan.  I have to meet with the Criminology department now.
  • There is the possibility that I will get a research assistantship (and a subsequent tuition waiver) to work on the stats for the tattoo project at work.  I love stats (and tuition waivers)!
  • Hoard recently came out on Steam and I love it.  It runs beautifully on my not-top-of-the-line laptop and I have tons of fun with it.  I have yet to master it though. (Buy it and play with me!  I’m on Steam as noidisdead.)
  • Homemade whipped cream is a million billion times better than store bought.  And it’s easy.
  • Speaking of cooking, I found out that I know more about cooking than someone!  And to think that around 5 years ago, I was setting water on fire trying to boil it.  (Though that doesn’t stop me from finding new cooking nemeses.  This week’s nemesis is baking soda.)
  • I just got my new swimsuit in the mail and I love it!  It shipped quick too.
  • I’m also waiting on a new awesome t-shirt from Shirt.W00t.
  • Tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s the last day of early morning testing for two weeks!  Hooray!
  • And finally, it’s only 35 more days until I get to see my awesome boyfriend again.

Wednesday Cavalcade: Just One Thing.

6 Apr

I sort of had a list going, but then I came across this:

And that’s the only thing I need to post.

Music Monday: Moneybrother’s Born Under a Bad Sign

4 Apr

I saw Moneybrother as one of the opening acts at the Flogging Molly concert.  They had (and still do) such an 80’s vibe, it made for a rather surreal experience.

A Torrential Downpour

3 Apr

I was caught in a torrential downpour last Monday as I was walking home from school.  The umbrella did not help any, but I continued to hold the damn thing up.  I was mostly soaked when I arrived home.  As I was walking, though, I noticed something interesting from the cars passing by:  They slowed down when they saw me.  They slowed down and they tried to avoid the giant puddles in the street.

Which was the exact opposite of what happened during a storm in Peoria, IL.  I remember walking home with Adam from a movie night on campus.  It had been raining, but mostly stopped by the time we left.  We were passing by a large puddle (there were many in Peoria as the drainage was exceptionally bad).  I heard a car approaching us from behind.  I dropped the umbrella to my side, towards the road, in an attempt to block the oncoming splash.  I realized only a split second before the splash that the umbrella would not block the water there.  The water kicked up over the umbrella and down onto my head anyway.

The windows were rolled up, but I’m sure that bastard was laughing.

Things I Love Thursday: Short List

31 Mar

I’ve been pretty down (on myself and everything else, really) this week, so this list might be a little short.

  • I only had to test children for one hour this week.
  • I didn’t have class on Wednesday.
  • I got to help my boss John by using the printing press to print a lot of invitations.
  • I’m going to a mixer tomorrow with one of my lab mates.  Free food and cheap drinks.  Yay.
  • Only 4 weeks until the end of school.

Wednesday Cavalcade: A Little Geeky, Some Cute

30 Mar

Music Mondays: Bishop Allen’s Things Are What You Make of Them

28 Mar

When I Was New to the Internet

25 Mar

When I was new to the internet, Ellie said LMAO in a chat.  I was hurt.  I thought she was calling me a “Lame-o.”