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First Year of Grad School: DONE

3 May

As of today, I finished my first year of graduate school.  I am officially half way through my Master’s degree.

Time to dance.

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I’m Giddy With How Things Are Falling Into Place

28 Apr

Thanks to the graciousness of Justin (who is graduating this summer and going on to Auburn), I’m going to be taking over as Subject Pool Coordinator starting in the Fall semester.  I’m in charge of recording the efforts of students in introductory psychology to participate in research for school credit.  I enter in grades and answer emails.  I have office hours 4-6 hours a week, but I’m told that very few people actually come in during those office hours.

There are a lot of perks to the job, but the main one is the tuition waiver.  I nearly cried with joy when Justin told me how little I’d be paying to attend school.  The assistantship pays a lot of money as well, so I won’t have to take out any more loans.

And I get to keep the job I love at the library.

I Feel As Though I Should Be Panicking

19 Apr


We are halfway into our last full week of classes and I feel remarkably not overwhelmed, which has the lovely effect of making me wonder if I missed something.

  • Social development paper due Monday
  • Stats project due Tuesday
  • Social development final next Wednesday
  • Gallery installation on May 2nd
  • Behavioral neuroscience final on May 3rd
  • And a take-home stats final due May 3rd

It doesn’t seem like a lot.  It seems like I have everything under control.

I still think I’m missing something.

The Only Reason to Not Be a Woman (and to Not Get Pregnant)

9 Apr

Part of the survey we administer to 4th through 7th graders involves asking the student about their gender identity.  There is a boys form and a girls form.  On the boys form, there is a question that essentially asks, “Would you prefer to grow up to be a woman?” (Edit: The girls are asked, “Would you prefer to grow up to be a man?”)

Most of the time, the kids squint at it, then move on.  One boy looked up at me.  “No boy wants to be a woman.  Know why?”

“…Why?” I asked him after a moment’s hesitation.

“Because then you’ll get pregnant and your back will hurt.”

Edit 2: I wrote a disclaimer for this and any similar future posts.  To summarize, this is a “That kid is so silly for thinking that’s the worst thing about pregnancy” post.  It is not making fun of anything else.