About Me

Me, showing off a new knit hat

Me, showing off a new knit hat

My name is Ashley.  I’m a Master’s-level student of psychology at a school in Florida, after living my whole life in Illinois.  It’s far too hot (and kind of lonely) for me, but it’s only for two years, right?

I’ve been working with websites since before the 6th grade, and on computers since I could hold my own head up.  I played Doom and Wolfenstein with my father.  The first song I knew was the Jeopardy theme song.  I really enjoy bad horror movies and I particularly enjoy knitting while watching them.  I didn’t listen to music other than Oldies until my mid-teenage years.  I read only non-fiction books in high school and have really only gotten back into fiction novels.  My favorite author is Lovecraft.  I am fascinated by criminals and the inner workings of the brain.  My undergraduate research project described the prevalence of psychopaths in both high and low socioeconomic statuses.  I’m kind of a nerd.  I like it.

I used to be good at writing.  I hope to use this website to reclaim that talent.  It’s kind of necessary for my field.

Me and Cthulhu

Me and Cthulhu

Why, Zee?

My 8th grade teacher was at a loss for a nickname for me.  Throughout the year, he helped us grow as thinking individuals.  We staged protests against school pride days like “Pink and Blue” day by wearing black, we defied the school by submitting flag designs for our new mascot and theme, and we all entered stories and non-fiction into a local competition.  I won first place with a story he said I had to get permission from my parents to write, because he was worried the school would want me to see a psychologist.  At the end of the year, he said I was so undefinable that he would deem me “Z.”

Though the nickname hasn’t exactly stuck, the idea has.  Many of my teachers have given me new names, because, to them, I did not fit into what they thought an “Ashley” was.  I have spent a short period of time as Emily, Esmerelda, Amy, Leslie, Katie, and a wild assortment of other names.  (Esmerelda was my favorite.)  Another teacher said that trying to define my specialty was akin to nailing jello to a wall.

Z has forever lingered in the back of my mind.

I am asked “Why?” an awful lot.  My most common answer is, “No reason,” or “Why not?”

“Why, Zee?” just happens to have a lovely double meaning.  A, B, C… X, Y, Z.

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